Office of religious education

Religious education is a life-long process. When you brought your children to be baptized, you accepted the responsibility of training them in the practice of faith. It is, then, your duty to bring them up to keep God's commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor. Their Godparents agreed to help you in your duties as Christian parents. While we are honored to assist you in the solemn vow that you took, we also wish to make sure that we do not give mixed messages, so that what is being taught here will resonate through the home.

Family Mass Attendance

One of the most important parts of our religious education program is Mass attendance. All students and families enrolled in our program are expected at attend Mass weekly. The fundamentals of our Catholic faith are presented each week at Mass. It becomes quite troubling to see parents who care so much for their children that they enroll them in a religious education program, yet do not follow through by partaking in the celebration of the Mass each week with their children. What they learn in their Religious Education classes will only make sense if you bring them to Mass regularly.

First Communion and Confirmation

Both First Communion and Confirmation are two-year preparation programs. The first year for First Communion is normally the 1st grade. The first year for Confirmation is normally the 8th grade. However, if you child has not attended classes before and is in a higher grade, he or she will begin their first year of preparation at their current grade level.




  • Saturday from 9:45am to 11:20am (in English)

  • Miércoles de 5:20pm a 7:00pm (en español)


  • Thursday / Jueves @ 5:20pm - 7:00pm


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